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How did i reach Dalhousie

Delhi's heat was making me very upset, I was getting nervous here, the weather of June and July is unbearable in Delhi, The air conditioner machine was also unable to cool down, Passing the day was difficult, I was alone who had become even more intolerable, Due to the summer vacation, I was getting bored at home, That's why I thought about roam anywhere. I started searching on the internet, I was searching on a place where I could get rid of heat and have fun too, After searching for a long time, I found a place where I could get relief from the heat of Delhi, The place is allocated  in the middle of Himachal Pradesh, Name of the place is Dalhousie, Dalhousie is the area of chamba district,  this is a famous hill station of Himachal Pradesh,  this hill station is Established on 1854 by the British empire. Potreyn, Kathalagh, Bakrota ,Terah and Bhangora is famous hills of Dalhousie, I read carefully about this hill station and started thinking about this, While taking the information here, I liked this place.


Now one question raised in my mind, Can not go alone on tour, So I talked to a friend, but they refused due to being busy, Then I contacted the Escorts Connaught Place service, Because I knew that the Escorts Connaught Place service serves the service of the tour girl, I liked a girl from the Escort Connaught Place service, which I booked for 15 days, We got ready to leave for the same night for the tour, The next journey was going to be very entertaining, because there was a Escorts Connaught Place girl.


How did i reach Dalhousie


Distance from delhi to Dalhousie is approx 590Km, We got out of our car at around 9 in the night and reached Murthal till 10:30, Paratha of Murthal is very popular, so we ate parathas and then went ahead, Parathas were very goodies, We were Total 3 people, I, Escorts Connaught Place Escorts Girl Lisa and My Driver, We reached Pathankot via Ambala, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, It was morning, so we took a rest room and got fresh, having breakfast at 10 o'clock, abd  went out to Dalhousie, Dalhousie was about 80km from Pathankot, Mountain started off, so the driver was driving the car slowly, and we reach Dalhousie 1:30 o clock, The path from Pathankot to Dalhousie was very crooked, and there were trenches on both sides, which was thrilling to us,


If you also want to come here then there are many ways to come here, If you are coming from New Delhi, you can also come via Chandigarh, Bus service is available for Direct Dalhousie from Delhi, You can also change the bus  from Delhi to Pathankot or Delhi by reaching Chandigarh, Dalhousie is about 300 kilometers away from Chandigarh, Paid Taxi is also available from Delhi. So you can come easily via Road hear,


If  You want to come from here by Road then Pathankot is Nearest Railway Station, There are Various type of train are availble from Delhi and Ambala, Ludhiyana or Jalandhar ,


If you want to via Flight then nearest airport is Pathankot, Pathankot is a Domestic Airport, Nearest International Airport is New Delhi, International  tourist firstly come to New Delhi and change flight from Delhi to Pathankot and Hire taxi from Pathakot to Dalhousie, Bus Service Also Availble form Pathankot To Delhi, you can reach to Dalhouse via Bus Also.


So all of way is well connected to Dalhousie, so you can come here to mind free




What we saw in Dalhousie,


FAt first we went to see the chamera lake, this is a dam on Ravi River, used of this for produce power, seeing of this dam is absolutely tremendous,  then i go for boating in Mystics boat, We boating for half an hour, After so much the evening and we were tired, So we arrived at the hotel, and rested at night, The sweetness of the Connaught Place Escorts girl had  removed my fatigue,

Then the next day we went to Ganji Pahari, Rock Garden, Moti Tibba, Panjpulla, Our fatigue became very much on this day because we had roamed much, So the next day we spent in the hotel, On the fourth day we went shopping to shopping plaza and shopping a lot, Then we thought of going to the sach pass, which was about 150 kilometers away from Dalhousie, This pass is open in June and July, because it is covered with snow most of the month, It took about 9 hours to reach there, because the path was very narrow, But there was a lot of fun, We had a lot of fun for 15 days in the Dalhousie and the surrounding area, after Arriving  Delhi, Again started thinking of going there, Because there was no feeling of heat, and here again the same heat


Connaught Place Escorts girl is also happy with this tour, she ask me when you will go again for tour, then i will go with you, And I liked him very much, Connaught Place Escorts girl is very amusable, she laugh a lot..


What have we eaten in Dalhousie.



Dalhousie is in north India, so you can eat all kinds of foods available in North India, In many places you, South Indian, and Chinese’s items will also be found, But wherever you go in India, you will also find local food, which is famous there. Similarly, Dalhousie has its own local food, which the tourists eat very much, Like:-


Luchi Poti:- Luchi poti is a Non- Vegetarian food item, this food is made by paste of  flour wheat, turmeric, coriander, cumins and clove  with lamb or sheep flesh. Non- Vegetarian , like this food very much, you can also eat SUDU,  it is fully vegiterian, it is made by Wheat Flour, Dham, Akhtori, Madra is also too famous in Dalhousie, Even in case of the taste, Dalhousie is unbelievable, So go to Dalhousie once and have fun, Do not forget to take the Connaught Place Escort girl for more fun.

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