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Touring a Lovely place Thailand with Gurgaon Escorts service

Thailand is small but very beautiful country of south Asia, this country is situated in Indian Ocean , bordered of this country is connected to Laos and Myanmar in North, East by Cambodia,  and south by Malaysia, Originally the people of Thailand are from Chinas, So the people here see the same as the people of China, if you are from india and want to tour a foreign country then Thailand is best. Because Thailand is very cheap for Indian, And this beautiful country is very close to India, You will spend the same amount of money to travel to India.


I just came to roam Thailand, I took the Gurgaon Escorts service with me too, Because the Gurgaon Escorts service travels to Thailand very well, The Gurgaon Escorts service girl has very much knowledge about Thailand, That's why I took her service, I spent about two weeks in Thailand, And in these two weeks I did very entertaining, I visit almost all the best places in thailand, And was delightful everywhere, there received me the supernatural joy, I enjoyed the food there, the culture there, People are very straightforward and helpful, You can travel here without any suffering, And if the girl with the Gurugram Escort is together, the fun becomes even more,



If you want to go to Thailand then you definitely do, and go through all these places, You'll love this place in every way. Now I tell you which place I used to tour in Thailand




Phang Nga Bay:-  This bay is about 400 squire kilometer, this is situated in south parts of Thailand, this is in between island of Phuket and the malay peninsula, you can about 42 island if this bay, if you are lover of island then this place is become a most favorites for you, Small beaches will make you happy.


Ko Phi Phi:- kho phi phi is one of the most group of island in Thailand, this island is situated in between the island of phuket and Strait of Malacca, this is the largest group of island, this is 6 number group of island, if you want to come on this island, there are two way to reach here first air and second by water, phuket is nearest airport and you can come here by boat or ship to very easy.


Railay:- this is also called Rai Leh, Railay  is a small beach or peninsula, view of sea from this peninsula is very great, you can reach here only by boat, the most viewing point of this beach is rock climber, there are two main area of this beach, east railay and west Railay. East railay is point where you can reach by boat


Mu Ko Chang National Park :-  this is good national park in thailand, this is marine national park, area of this national part is about 650n squire meter, This National Park looks more beautiful due to its being situated along the sea,


Death Railway of thai Berma Link:- If you want to realize the death, then you can travel by this railway, This is the world's most dangerous railroad, As long as you travel through this railway, you will find your death near, Do not travel by rail , whose  heart is weak, Those who do not fear with  high and do not fear with  ditch, they can enjoy this railway,


Khao Sok National Park:- it is largest national park in thailand, area about this national park is about 739 kilometer squire, this is largest area of virgin forest in south parts of thailand, in this park you can find mudstone rock, in this forest you can find more then 1500 types of bamboo, there are also find various type of wild animal like:- Asian elephant, tiger, Malayan tapir, barking deer, mouse deer, muntjak, white handed gibbon, wild boar, sambhar deer etc.



Ko Lipe: - this is a small island , it is located in Andaman sea , Malaysian border is near about this island,

Ko NANG Yuan:- this is also a very small island in thailand but it is very beautiful, this is near about ko tao, this island is always full with tourist, so you can come here in day trip, and this is also a famous for day trip, KO Tao is near about this so you can reach here very easily, you can tour of this island in over 2 hout by foot, so you can trip this island in only half day, so you can come here for less time and enjoy more.


Mu Ko ang thong:-   it is a marine national park, in this province you can found 42 group of island, area about this group of island is aprrox 103 kilometer squire, total land of this area is about 50 kilometer squire and rest of water. 


Khao Yai National Park:- this is a Thailand first national park, this is number 3 position in thailand, if you can come here from Bangkok so running time is approx 2 to 3 hour,



I visited many other places in Thailand as like:- Erawan Falls, Ao Nang, Hua Hin Beach, Prasat Hin Phimai, Sukhothai Historical Park, Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, Chatuchak Weekend Market etc,


I enjoyed working around Thailand, so once you go, And do not forget to take the Gurgaon Escort girl together, He will help you to travel to Thailand, for booking the Escorts Gurgaon service you can visit the office of Gurgaon Escort or visit the website and take number from here ans make a simple call, you can send a simple text message, we are also available on what app, our Escort Gurgaon service is always is ready mode, so call me and joy tour of thialand with Escort Gurgaon  service, we are happy to server you our perfect and professional service, so call me once and book our service for best experience of thailand tour. Best of luck, we are pray to best experience of you,  I always stands with you during the tour of thailand.  

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