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How to keep yourself fit in the monsoon learn from Delhi Call Girl

The monsoon season has come, and you all know that this season is favorable for the disease, In this season the disease spreads very rapidly and people get sick in abundance, Therefore, in this season people need to care a little more, If you also want to take care of yourself, then the Delhi Call Girl girl is giving some tips that you will follow closely, It is common for a disease like colds, cough, dengue, malaria, allergies, fungus, infection, etc, You save as much as you can in this season, they prove to be equally worthwhile for you,

Talk about Rain:- First of all, we talk about rain, soaking in the rain can be very dangerous, But we can not give up the temptation to get wet in the rain due to fear of disease, but we have to keep in mind that how much and when we will go, If you send at night and for a long time, it will make you sick, Yes you can take a shower in the rain for less time in the day. But if you are going and you have to go out for a long time, you will never be able to go, Because after watering in the rain water is absorbed by the body so that the temperature of your body and the outside becomes abnormal, So that you can fever, If you are going, then take the ranch court and umbrella together, And if it rains suddenly and you get wet, then quickly dry yourself with some dry cloth or else you may get sick, In the rainy days, there is always a need to take small precautions, so that you are less ill or not sick, Please follow the tips given by the Delhi Call Girl girl, it works very well,

from the gruesome disease like dengue or malaria:- Dengue, malaria, and chikungunya are a scary disease, which can lead to death of people, The disease rises most of the monsoon season, because it is a disease spread by the mucus, When someone cuts these spikes, some viruses come inside the body so that people become ill, Save this one just because you do not allow water to be stored around your house, Many people do not take care of the place around them so that water gets accumulated there and these mascots begin to grow, They can also grow in your home's cooler, tank or haldi, you will have to take care of it, you should always clean your cooler, hood or water tank, If you are unable to clean your cooler, then you put some drops of kerosene oil in your cooler oil, so that mosquitoes will not grow there. You slept in mosquito cloth in your house and always wear the entire side of the cloth, this can prevent you from biting the mosquito, Nowadays there are many mosquito medicines available in the market, with whom you can avoid these diseases, If you are suffering from fever in this season then you should go to the doctor as soon as possible and start your treatment, otherwise this disease can be proven deadly.

For itching and allergy:- This season also comes with itching and allergies, If you continue to enjoy for long, you may have itching or allergic reactions in your body, Because today there is very high pollution in environment and when you get wet in the rain, this pollution comes along with water to your body, Therefore, do not get soaked in the rainy season, and not forgetting in the first rain of the monsoon, it is more likely to be allergic ,in Raintime also produces worms and insects that infect you, These insects are so small that they are not visible to you and they infect you by sticking to your body, Therefore, you should not go bare feet out in the rainy months, Whenever you get soaked in the rain, take baths, it is also important to take bath before the dinner in the summer season because, You may also have an allergy and itching problem due to perspiration, These months, you should use only cotton cloth as much as it absorbs your body's wetness very soon.

For diseases like cholera,  jaundice and eye flue:- Jaundice and cholera are related to stomach disorders, It spreads through drinking contaminated water, Therefore, whenever you use water, you should know that the water is not contaminated, Using contaminated water will suspend your digestive tract and make your liver weak, So that you get into the grip of such a disease, Do not use open water in the rainy season at all, because they are largely infected, Do not keep your water open and do not spread the dirt around it, Always keep the water in a clean vessel and filter it, If you use water from the wall or tube well, then boil it and drink it, You can also purify it by putting chlorine in it, So you should take care of more purity and stay away from many diseases.

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