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A peaceful tour of Vietnam with Gurgaon Escorts service part 1

The socialist republic of Vietnam is eastern region of country of East Asia, this is 15th most populated country in the world, this country is border with china in the north side, 

Laos is the north west side, Cambodia to the south west , and thailand to the gulf of thailand, and Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia from the whole part of south china sea, people of this country is origin from china, me with Gurgaon Escorts service is tour this country on last august, I still cannot believe that this country is so beautiful, The atmosphere here is very much like me because here you do not feel the heat, Here you will almost feel the cold, because these countries are bundled with China and are on the northern pole, so here you will get a cold climate.

If you are from India then you can go here because India has very hot weather from May to August, To get out of such weather, you can go to a place like Vietnam because you will live there. You will come here a lot of relief, Because you will definitely get some relief from a hot place like India, You can come here with the help of walking around, because there is a lot of things to hang around here, That's why you came here and whenever you came with the Gurgaon Escorts service you came in, you will make good choices with them, Then prepare to come.

Before you start the journey, know how you will get here

By Air:- This is the best and cheapest route, you can reach here from India in 7 to 8 hours, There are 3 international airports in Vietnam, where you can directly recycle, Direct flights from here to Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai from India, You can also navigate through air travel, as there is a lot of domestic airport, which is connected to all the international airports, This is the easiest and convenient way to travel,

By Road:-

There is no facility for Directly by Road Vietnam from India, from India to Canyon is 5000 kilometers, And you have to take a multi country visa, so that you will cross into the country crossing many countries, And B Road too far will prove to be very boring and tiresome

By water :-

You can also enter by this country, but this distance will be much more, Because you have to go through the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Thailand.

Now that you have come here, first of all know about the food here , Because without food we can not live well for one day, so now I am going to tell you about the food here,

If you are like the food who made by rice they you can try this type of food like:-

C?m chiên D??ng Châu :- This is fried rice dish, that is early famous in Vietnam , this dish is mainly from china but now this is also famous in here, when I reach a restaurant for dinner that’s time a Call Girls In Gurgaon told me about this food item because I don’t know more food  item about Vietnam but she know about me they them tell me about this, Gurgaon Cheap Escorts know, I like rice and rice made food item so I eat this tasty food.

C?m gà rau th?m:- if you love with non- veg item then you can try this dish because this dish are made by chicken and Rice this is very tasty so nonveg lover , please try this, When it is made in a dry chicken, mixed with mint, the food lickers lick their hands

Gà xào g?ng:-  It is a unique type of this, in which the cheekan is cooked with ginger and then the fish sauce is eaten together, Indian people, please pay attention, you should use more by tasting a little earlier, because the taste of Indians is slightly different,

You can also enjoy soup here, because the people here use soup very much, This place is filled with cold, so people here use soup to keep their body warm, , Cheap Escorts In Gurgaon Girl also enjoyed a lot of soup here, Now I am going to describe the soup for you,

Súp m?ng cua:- This soup is used by most of the wedding ceremonies, This soup is prepared by a crab, which is very good for the health, Due to crab sea creatures, it has a lot of nutrients, so these people use it in any ceremony, This soup provides heat to your body, this soup is very delicious, If you stay here for more than a day, you will not have to face any kind of problem here at night, The girl of the Cheap Escorts In Gurgaon used to drink this soup every day until I was here

In today's article only that is why I am writing this article in many parts so that you will read the next things in the next section, How much you felt as much as you read, because I really enjoyed walking around Vietnam, Perhaps you may also be enjoying reading, because I have described only Vietnamese food in this article, , And you will see the same description in the next article as you will get a lot of food in Vietnam, I am very happy to hang out with the Independent Escorts In Gurgaon girl, you can also come here, I am very happy to hang out with the Independent Escorts In Gurgaon girl, you can also come here, And if you come up with the Independent Escorts In Gurgaon girl, you will enjoy it here, So, when you say that, once you bring the Mg Road Escorts Girl together, here you also do entertainment like me, , You book their service and enjoy walking around Vietnam, Gurgaon Escort girl waiting your call.  


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